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Virtual Reality is Real - and Here to Stay

I recently attended a 1/2 day virtual conference on incorporating AR and VR into corporate training, sponsored by There were three companies that presented their products and applications. Of particular interest was the presentation given by Marie Buhot-Launay from the VR company Uptale. Ms. Launay gave a very compelling presentation on the integration of VR into corporate training, and overcame many of the attendees' objections to implementing VR such as cost, accessibility, and technology adoption. She referred to a recent Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) study that examined the implementation of VR into the corporate training setting. Some of the statistics that surprised me from the PWC study that she referenced were:

  • The stickiness of VR-based training: The study found that VR trains employees 4x faster than traditional classroom learning

  • The Self-efficacy factor: According to the PWC report, those who had been trained via VR were 275% more confident to apply their new skills after training

  • Those trained using VR were almost 4x more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners

  • VR-trained employees were 4X more focused than their eLearning-trained peers.

She also talked about the process of adapting VR within your organization, the tools needed ( including recommending specific 360 cameras), the difference between web-browser interactive 360 degrees and VR headset views, and the options for purchasing VR headsets (who knew the Homido Mini is only $15?). Overall, her presentation left me hopeful to one day incorporate VR into my classroom. $15 Headsets as class supplies, anyone?

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